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Let's make your home the coziest spot, no matter the weather. Check out our handpicked special deals that are just too good to miss.

Create Timeless Memories With The Perfect Indoor Climate

Embrace every moment as Daikin's Japanese innovation takes center stage, providing a balanced indoor climate all year round. Our special offers are designed to ensure you enjoy every moment at home in complete comfort.

Maximize Your Comfort With Smart Savings

Enjoy up to 50% savings on your energy bills while basking in the ideal comfort of your home.
For lively indoor gatherings or simple everyday relaxation, our advanced inverter and VRV technologies provide efficient solutions for all your climate control needs. Reach out to discover more about our exclusive AC offers and start saving big!

Our Leading Products

Wall mounted

With one-of-a-kind indoor units and a range of controls for each room, Daikin's wall-mounted units give a unique blend of comfort and efficiency.
FTKM Series
Motion Detection Technology, long airflow and excellent cooling.
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FTKF Series
Rapid cooling, efficient operation and superior technology within reach.
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Concealed Ceiling Duct

Daikin's ducted air conditioning system provides discreet comfort throughout indoor and outdoor units, along with flexible ducting and compact design.
FDMRN Series
Optimal cooling comfort, double protection drainage system and powerful cooling.
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FDMF Series
Top-class technology and rapid cooling designed for local needs.
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Central Rooftops

Daikin's rooftop air conditioning system provides a basic 'plug n play' solution that is equipped with energy-saving options and air ventilation.
UATQ-C Series
High energy efficiency, ambient design, and exceptional cooling performance.
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Daikin's invention since 1982, VRV technology delivers a complete climate control solution, from energy-efficient air conditioning, control to ventilation.
With a range of outdoor and indoor units to choose from, VRV IV+ incorporates the latest standards in technology to manage up to 50% of your home’s energy consumption.
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If you are looking for a VRV cooling system that’s ideal for both small & large spaces, Daikin’s VRV X series is the right choice. It offers an indoor & outdoor lineup that is committed to providing energy savings & comfort.
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This mini VRV series replaces multiple outdoor units with a single unit, and it is ideally perfect for apartments & small premises. It also offers a collection of indoor units that can be connected to a centralized unit.
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With a range of easily connectable indoor units, Daikin VRV IV-W+ (water-cooled) series offers the perfect climate for your building, providing maximum energy efficiency & minimum space requirements for operation.
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Air Purifiers

With a perfect combination of high-performance electrostatic HEPA filter and Daikin’s patented Flash Streamer technology, our air purifiers ensure powerful suction, effective capturing of pollutants, and decomposition of harmful substances caught on the filter.
MC Series
Compact design, powerful suction and effective decomposition of pollutants
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Daikin's Promise: Reliable Comfort, Reliable Care

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Smart Controllers

Take control of your Daikin systems with our professional, smart controller solutions. With innovative designs and advanced settings, we offer a variety of control systems to ensure the perfect climate for your home.
Along with the award-winning design and advanced settings, Madoka provides a user-friendly interface with touch button control.
Simplified In-app controls
Control your air conditioner using your smart phone or voice control device
Remote access to VRV
Intelligent Integration to devices
Voice command supported
Efficiently control your entire building from one centralised interface with our Daikin Building Management System (BMS).
Intuitive User Interface
Smart Energy Management
Highly Flexible In Size & Design
Why Choose Daikin?
Improved air quality
Improved sound levels
Smart Controls
Japanese quality: Daikin brand
Anti-corrosion protection
High ambient systems
Increased electricity savings
Inverter technology
Variable Refrigerant Temperature
Spare parts & warranty
Professional dealer network
Annual maintenance contract

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