Terms & Conditions

4 Free AC Maintenance:
AC Maintenance includes quarterly check of equipment & filter cleaning. Excludes repairs/ replacement of parts or top up of refrigerant and Excludes deep cleaning.
• Split Units : Applicable for 5 Units & above
• VRV : Applicable for All Projects
15% Off on Installation:
Discount on installation price as per market standard and Daikin recommended installation practice.
1-Year Free Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):
The AMC extends beyond the standard services, offering 24/7 support for the duration of one year from the date of supply. The contract includes discounts on parts that further enhance the preventive maintenance experience. Note that labor charges are not covered under this contract.
Free smart control (Reiri):
Applicable only on VRV system project with minimum of 36HP system. Smart control device shall be integrated with AC system (VRV Indoors) only.
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